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Bushido Fluorocarbon Line - customrodsupplies

Bushido Fluorocarbon Line


Bushido Japanese made Fluorocarbon Line from American Tackle.

  • Thinner Line Diameter Designed to provide exceptional performance and durability with extreme diameter-to-strength ratios beyond industry standards.
  • Superior Breaking Strength Bushido Fluorocarbon line is engineered to provide superior knot strength and breaking points exceeding industry standards.
  • Soft - Low Memory Line Advanced design allows a softer line with low memory ideal for casting and working baits with a reduction in knotting and tangling.
  • Extreme Abrasion Resistance Advances in materials and manufacturing allows this supple line to withstand abrasive conditions when fishing at a professional level.
  • Increased Sensitivity / Improved Angler Reaction Formulated for low stretch, Bushido Fluorocarbon’s density transmits strike vibrations and enhances angler hook set reaction rates.
  • Low Visibility Technology enhanced clear tint coloration offers a reduction in light refraction further reducing in-water visibility.


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