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Custom Rod Supplies are proud to be the new UK importer to bring JigSkinz to UK shores.

JigSkinz is a shrinkable and inexpensive covering designed to help protect the paint on your new lures or to rejuvenate your old favourite lures after they have lost their paint.

Jigskinz is also perfect for those many lures that we buy over the years that do not catch fish. Slip on a JigSkinz, shrink it and you now have a new lure in your favourite colour.

Some examples that JigSkinz are perfect for are: Poppers Stick Baits Slugs & Slices Wobblers Knife Jigs Micro Jigs Blades Jig Heads Bibless Minnows Hard Body Lures Gamefish Lure Heads Custom Rod Wraps Sinkers & Deep Drop Weights.

JigSkinz works by slipping the new skin over your old lure and placing it in hot water. The moment your lure hits the water the skin shrinks tightly over your lure instantly and you are done.

Custom Rod Supplies are UK suppliers of JigSkinz products.